Macha Cafe Launches Dinner Noodle Program In Friedrichshain

December 30, 2019|Openings

Friedrichshain- Hako Tsukemen

Hako Tsukemen, new dining project launched a few days ago over at Friedrichshain’s newly opened Hako Cafe. The deal with the new project is that they will be doing Tsuke-men, a variant of ramen.
It’s not the standard Ramen “noodle soup” due to the thicker noodles and the broth which aare served separately. The noodles are then dipped in the broth befor being eaten. The new cafe opened up their doors a few weeks back and cleverly running the shop as a strait forward day time cafe, and becoming a Tsuke-men program during the evening time. Unclear how long the new project will remain, but if its a success, possibly here to stay.

Hako Cafe, Simon-Dach-Strasse 46, Friedrichshain

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