Five Berlin Food Events You Need To Check Out This Week

December 30, 2019|Events

Five Berlin food events to check out in Friedrichshain, Wedding, and Kreuzberg. Here it goes



Coming up Monday night over at Friedrichshain’s favorite Taco Style Beer Hall, Santa Cantina we got the New Year’s Piri Party. This will be your last chance to snap up some Piri’s Chicken Burgers before they hang up their apron for good. cheap margaritas all night, cheap cantineros, and some good ol’ fashioned Merry Making. Check it out here.


Coming up on Monday over at Kreuzberg’s Dresden bar we got the Oshikoshi Soba year-crossing noodle event from Mobile Izakaya. This is Japanese traditional noodle bowl dish eaten on New Year’s Eve. This custom lets go of hardship of the year because soba noodles are easily cut while eating. Check it out here.

Coming up on Wednesday over at Kreuzberg Ta’Cabron Taqueria we got a Barbacoa event to ring in the new year. Desayunos Ta’Cabrón, a Mexican Barbecue (goat barbecue) and their Breakfast Menu, with Aguachile, Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros, Huarache and other Mexican dishes. Check it out here.


Coming up on Wednesday over at Wedding’s Kakadu we got a New Years Day Breakfast. We are talking everything from Oysters to Pancakes, but hopefully not together. Check it out here.

Coming up on Friday over at Wedding we got this month’s event of Lino’s Pastrami Friday. Pastrami Brisket, Pastrami Beef Ribs. Homemade Pastrami Sausages. Pastrami Sandwiches a mains and Roasted Sauerkraut. Beef Fat Fries along with Brewbaker Craft Beer on the side. Check it out here.

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