Markthalle Neun Sichuan Baby Goes Brick & Mortar In Wilmersdorf

December 18, 2019|Openings

Wilmersdorf- Wunderbar


Wunderbar, Markthallen Neun baby went brick and mortar over in Wilmersdorf. The authentic Chinese restaurant that has been a part of the Streetfood Thursday scene at MH9 for the last while opened the doors on their new resto last week. The deal with the new shop is that they are a straight forward Chinese resto in the Sichuan style. Besides the MH9 project, the shop owner had also been working as a private chef for some time. There is no word on any sort of opening party but there was an opening discount gambit, which is now, sadly no longer applicable. Mr. Eatler dropped the ball on this one.

Wunderbar, Bernhardstrasse 12, Wilmersdorf
@Wunderbar, Map

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