Yeminite/Israeli Space Opens Weekend Jachnun Resto In Neukölln

December 18, 2019|Openings

Neukölln- ADEN House of Jachnun



ADEN House Of Jachnun, new Yeminite Jewish mid ranger opened up in Neukölln. The new, one-product-shop opened their doors last week and are doubling as a weekend resto, and a private dinner space during the week days. A unique set up, ADEN is going to be doing a typical Israeli/Yeminite dish called Jachnun, a slow cooked dish that is placed in the oven overnight for 14 hours. The thin flaky layers of caramelized dough is traditionally served with an egg, grated tomatoes and a spicy green hot sauce. Will be interesting to see if the cult favourite dish catches on and whether they will manage to expand their resto into a full time program. More on ADEN as it develops.

ADEN House Of Jachnun, Lenaustrasse 5, Neukölln
@ADEN, Map

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