Aunt Benny Bids Final Farewell In Final Week Of Service

December 11, 2019|Closings

Friedrichshain- Aunt Benny


Aunt Benny, popular Friedrichshain cafe dropped the announcement that they are headed towards their final service coming up this weekend. After notifying their fans and Berlin a month ago that they are calling it quits they have slowly started working their way towards the end. Selling off elements piecemeal, and diminishing their menu, they offer a final chance to come get some of their wares by the end of the weekend. They had been considering the move for a long time and Mr. Eatler had received notice of the possibility some months ago. With the loss of the cafe, the bitter sweet notion is that perhaps a new resto will take up the address. Nevertheless, the last option soak up the last of Aunt Benny is nigh.

Aunt Benny, Oderstrasse 7, Friedrichshain
@AuntBenny, Map

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