Japanese American Comfort Food!! The Daily Dish Is In!!

December 5, 2019|Awards

Mitte- House Of Small Wonder


The Daily Dish is in over at House Of Small Wonder*, the five year old Mitte cafe, that is as famous for their Wasabi Benedict as they are for the lines under their majestic staircase. Normally, the Daily Dish is reserved for the digestible specials that are noteworthy on Mr. Eatler’s radar. However, given the Christmas spirit, today’s dish from House Of Small Wonder is a gift that keeps on giving. Starting earlier this month, the new House Of Small Wonder cook book is on the offer. Gander behind the curtain at the café’s backstory and grab access to their Japanese American comfort food recipes from both their Berlin and New York locations. Use the Mr. Eatler link and get twenty percent discount on the book until the end of the year when you use the code HOSW4EATLER. The Daily Dish is on your bookshelf. Go Get That Now!

House Of Small Wonder, Johannisstr. 22, Mitte

cook book

*This restaurant is owned by Mr. Eatler’s brother

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