Japanese Curry Shop Due For Opener In Friedrichshain

December 2, 2019|Openings

Friedrichshain- Takenori Restaurant


Takenori Restaurant, new Japanese mid range curry joint is due for an opener over in Friedrichshain. The deal with the new joint is that Takenori is a specialised Japanese Curry A.K.A. Kare-Reis restaurant. Besides the standards they are going to be offering vegan, vegetarian and hearty curry with a variety of toppings. Seems like a wise winter move as the weather turns. They are going to be doing an official opening gambit with some deep discounts and giveaways coming up in a couple of weeks which will function as their official event for the opening.

Takenori, Simon Dach Straße 2, Friedrichshain
@Takenori, Map

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