Five Berlin Food Events You Need To Check Out This Week

December 2, 2019|Events

Five Berlin food events going down in Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Mitte. Here it goes!!


Prenzlauer Berg

Coming up on Monday night over at Prenzlauer Berg’s Salumeria Lamuri we got The Wine Bunch event. Not to be confused with Brunch, this is intentionally BUNCH. The R is silent, and not there. The deal is they have invited bunch of wine makers for a the event and will have some special elements coming out of the kitchen. Check it out here. 

Coming up on Thursday over at Prenzlauer Berg’s Birra Italian Craft Beer we got a return of their popular Porchetta event. The deal is for the Christmas season they will be doing Prochetta Panini, a killer combo of slow cooked lamb and pork roll. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Tuesday over at Friedrichshain’s Tentacion Mezcalothek, we got a Taco Tuesday event produced by Sabor a Mi. Standard selection of tacos at this regular event along with some Mezcal to top it off. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Tuesday over at Neukölln’s HOM we got a Two Buck Vegan Taco event produced by Vegxico. Vegxico has been doing pop ups and running on the street food scene for the last few years. Vegan Gluten Free TACS and Five buck margaritas. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Wednesday over at Mitte’s Kraftwerk, Barkin’ Kitchen is producing an Algen Pop Up dinner. The deal is they are doing a multi course dinner featuring Algae as a meat substitute. About fifty bucks a pop. Check it out here. 

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