Bagel Shop Throws Towel Over Storefront In Prenzlberg

December 2, 2019|Closings

Prenzlauer Berg- Schlomo’s Bagels


Schlomo’s, cafe and delicatessen up in Prenzlauer Berg is throwing in the towel on their storefront. Unclear exactly what is going down, but as of this weekend they are no longer operating on the retail front, and are strictly sticking to the catering game for the time being. Its unclear if they are losing the address over on Kollwitzplatz, or will be operating for their current facility but the lilkelyhood is for the latter. There is hope for the future, as they promise a further notice. Time will tell what will happen to Schlomo but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Schlomo’s Bagels, Kollwitzstraße 44, Prenzlauer Berg
@Schlomo’sBagels, Map

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