New Char-burg Facade Bares Strong Resemblance To Predecesor

November 29, 2019|Openings

Charlottenburg- Beyti Restaurant

Beyti, new Turkish restaurant, cafe and grill opened up their doors a couple of weeks back over in Charlottenburg. The address is the former home of popular resto Brel that was situated on Savigny Plats up until last year. The new joint is seemingly a straight forward Turkish shop, with a bit of a higher end lean and an at least some emphases on veggie cuisine. How much emphasis is not exactly known, but enough to let people know, that if they are veggies they can spend their money at Beyti. An interesting point to note is that the facade of the shop, down to the neon red sign is strikingly similar to the address former occupant. Coincidence or conjecture, Mr. Eatler can’t exactly say. 

Beyti Restaurant, Savigny Platz 1, Charlottenburg
@BeytiRestaaurant, Map

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