Ramen Resto Soft Opens Matcha Cafe Sibling In Friedrichshain

November 27, 2019|Openings

Friedrichshain- Hako Cafe

Hako Cafe, new cafe that is part of the Friedrichshain Hako Ramen family currently in their softy phase. The deal with the new joint is that they are Japanese style cafe with a full coffee program as well as a Matcha Cappuccino offering as well. The new cafe opened up their doors earlier this week and are gearing up for their official opening. No word on when the dates will be, and the intel is a little soft regarding what else is on the offer, and whether their ramen sibling will make an appearance at the Hako Cafe hall. More on Hako Cafe as it develops.

Hako Cafe, Simon-Dach-Strasse 46, Friedrichshain
@HakoCafe, Map

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