Signs Of Life From Kottbusser Steak House Address

November 25, 2019|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Gotham Goat


Gotham, shut down meat centric resto over on Kotbusser Damm, has been showing mysterious signs of life. The location, which was also the former home of The Bird Kreuzberg, the popular steak house type resto, had shut down while back after Gotham took over. There has been little to no action at the address until this weekend when the TIP Line revealed that they had gone under wraps. The long journey of the address, from the heights of Berlin fame to closure, had gone out with a whimper and remained dark for quite a while. Currently there is some construction going on behind the blackened out facade. Whether or not this is connected to the Gotham boys is not yet determined, but it looks as if we will see some thing in the next few months. More on the popular gastro address as it develops.

Kottbusser Damm 95, Kreuzberg

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