Poppers Take Over Cocktail Bar Address In Kreuz Cabaret

November 20, 2019|Gossip, Knocked Up

Kreuzberg- Bellman Bar? Cabaret Voltaire?


Interesting project afoot over at the old Bellman Bar on Reichenbergerstr. in Kreuzberg. The deal is that the same crew that was recently part of the Mitte relaunch of Torbar, and the popular ChinChinaTown popup, has taken over the location and are planning to launch a new bar.  The partners that own the shop are importing their actual bar from their former establishment in Zurich titled Cabaret Voltaire, and are likely planning to turn the dial back and provide a 1920’s style vibe. They are currently on the hunt for some talented people to be a part of the team and are looking to make it all happen coming up in early 2020. Keep your ears to the ground as more intel is coming.

Bellman Bar/Cabaret Voltaire, Reichenberger Str. 103, Kreuzberg

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