Popular Cafe Heads Towards Long Farewell In F-hain

November 18, 2019|Closings

Friedrichshain- Aunt Benny

aunt benny

Aunt Benny, the popular Friedrichshain cafe that has won many fans with their vibe and cafe fair have decided to call it quits. The question as to whether they would stay around for good or whether they will pack up the shop has been floating around for a while and it seems they are taking  the plunge. They have decided that they in the next few months they are going to close the cafe and take Aunt Benny back to Canada from whence she came.  The cafe will be working with a limited menu until the closing, however if you want to catch the last of their egg dishes or much loved grilled cheeses you have until later this week. They are also going to be selling off the establishment piecemeal, so if you are looking for goods, you should message them.

Aunt Benny, Oderstrasse 7, Friedrichshain

@AuntBenny, Map

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