No Signs Of Slowing For Milanese Baker With New Pizzeria

November 14, 2019|Knocked Up

Schöneberg- Sironi La Pizza


Sironi, the Kreuzberg based Milanese baker that recently opened a new shop over in Schöneberg is in the works on a new project. Earlier today they dropped some news that they are working on a new Pizzeria. The baker, that has its origins over at Markthalle Neun and supplies baked goods to some high ender in town is not slowing down. From the artwork it looks as if they are a good way towards the opening of the new shop, with major construction finished. The word is that it is going to be located next to the bakery they recently opened up in Schöneberg, but that is unconfirmed. They are going to be collabing with their Markthalle compatriots, Kumpel & Keule, who will be supplying the meats for the new store. Exciting news for an exciting brand. More on Sironi La Pizza as it develops.

Sironi La Pizza, 18 Goltzstr. Schöneberg

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