New York Style Pizza Popper Sets Up Warehouse Shop In F-hain

November 7, 2019|Gossip

Friedrichshain- Magic John’s

new york style pizza

Magic John’s, New York style pizza shop is setting up a popper in a warehouse next to, you guessed it, Berghain. Now Mr. Eatler understands that this is a New York style slice, but “popping in warehouse next to Berghain” is perhaps the most Berlin sentence that has been written in over a decade. The deal is that the popper will be floating up to the surface for sporadic events in the warehouse. They will be featuring their NY style wares every couple of weeks through out the winter. The future of the new shop is a little unclear, but from what it looks like this is an initial foray into the scene before they decide to go brick and mortar. More on Magic John’s as it develops.


*heads up, Mr. E is proud to say he is related to the producer

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