Hamburg Based Sushi Does Collab At X-berg GastroLounge

November 6, 2019|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Rohhäppchen, Eigengrau


Rohhäppchen, Hamburg based sushi shop and delivery service is making an opening foray into the Berlin scene. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, the sushi makers are going to set up shop over at the relatively young Eigengrau in Kreuzberg. Eigengrau, a gastro lounge sort of establishment has been in action over the last half year or so and are mounting a pop up collaboration with Rohhäppchen for an unspecified amount of time. Whether or not the sushi makers will be there to stay in Berlin for good, or whether they are a one and done deal remains to be scene. However, a collab pop up may be a very good way to test the Berlin water before taking the plunge. Time will tell.

Eigengrau/Rohhäppchen, Skalitzer Str. 45, Kreuzberg
@Eigengrau, Map

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