Nine New Berlin Restaurants To Keep An Eye On In November

November 5, 2019|Openings

Nine of the most exciting restaurants that opened up last month in Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Charlottenburg and more!

Here are some of Mr. Eatler’s highlights from the restaurants that opened up last month all over Berlin. So check them out before they get too popular to attend. And if you have come across a recently opened restaurant and you think Mr. Eatler should write about, hit the TIP Line and be a part of the #1 source for Berlin restaurant news. Here it goes!

Kreuzberg- ChungKing Noodles


ChungKing Noodles, noodle shop that has been winning fans in the Berlin street food scene had their official first opening service last night. The new shop is now open for business down at their new Kreuzberg digs. This is ChungKings first restaurant after having done numerous pop ups and collabs through out town over the last year. While they kept their opening quiet, there is no doubt that the hype and the fervour will soon reach a peak as the media savvy producers have gained an impressive following.

ChungKing Noodles, Reichenbergerstr. 35, Kreuzberg

Prenzlauer Berg- Mazza


Mazza, new levantine joint opened up a couple of weeks back over in Prenzlauer Berg. The deal with the new resto is that they label themselves as an Orientalische Tapas Bar, a Levantine Kitchen and a Restaurant & Cafe. Bottom of the line is that they offer a very authentic looking menu in an elegantly designed shop. They are currently in the full swing of operations and doesn’t look like they will be doing any sort of opening event for the joint besides what they have done already. Will be interesting to see how they fare, as they are down the street from the recently opened Sim Sim, which has been gaining a lot of heat over the last year.

Mazza, Prenzlauer Allee 32, Prenzlauer Berg
@Mazza, Map

Potsdam- Buya Berlin

Buya Berlin, a new Japanese Ramen & Izakaya pop up resto that had a summer long pop up over at Kreuzberg’s Arabica opened up a new restaurant in Potsdam. The tracking history of Buya is relatively strange, hailing from Florida, popping in Berlin and ending up in Potsdam. Nevertheless they opened their new restaurant last week and have been gaining ground on the more longer reaching foodie fronts. However, the rumour is that they are due to come back to the center of town some time. Though none of that is confirmed at the moment, it will be interesting to see the ramen shop back in town.

Buya Berlin, Benkertstraße 19, Potsdam
@BuyaBerlin, Map

Mitte- Die Anstalt

french brest

Die Anstalt, new day time joint that had been knocked up over on Chausseestr. for the last couple of months opened up the doors to their new shop a couple of weeks back. The deal with the new joint is that they are a Café and Pâtisseries with a bit of a charcuterie type lean. Sammies, soups, delicatessen goods in a pretty cool looking environment. Though they give an evening type vibe, the shop closes its doors at six in the evening. They had an opening event and are in full swing at the new address.

Die Anstalt, Chausseestr. 36, Mitte
@DieAnstalt, Map

Kreuzberg- Mama Shabz Cafe

pakistani food

Mama Shabz, the long time Pakistani street fooder has been working on a new brick and mortar shop down in Kreuzberg and is moving into the softy last week. While they are in soft opening they are going to be offering some of the highlights of the menu and running service to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of pakora fans that will soon bombard the shop. The new location, which is the first for the restaurateur, will have some of their standard street food fare, but will also offer a broader, home cooked menu to go along with the pakoras. They are going to be on a limited schedule for the softy, so make sure you check out the appropriate times and make sure you are first come, so you can be first served.

Mama Shabz Cafe, Reichenbergerstrasse 61a, Kreuzberg

Mitte- Good Bank

indoor farming

Good Bank, the nearly three year old salad bowl joint that sources all of its produce form InFarm indoor farming cabinets has officially opened the doors on their newest shop. The new address for the third Good Bank shop is situated over in Moabit. They continue to with their indoor fresh greens concept and will be doing their standard bowls, wraps, sandwiches and more. No word on any official opening event, but the shop is officially open and ready for comers. With Good Bank opening their third shop, this puts them in chain territory, time will tell whether we see them grow in to a franchise style endeavour.

Good Bank, Alt Moabit 104, Moabit
@Good Bank, Map

Kreuzberg- Yo! I’m Eatin’ Pho


Yo! I’m Eatin’ Pho, new shop is due or a grand opening this week over in Kreuzberg. The deal with the new joint is that they obviously do pho but offer other Vietnamese cuisine. The new shop belongs to the Fam Dang/Maison Dang family that has sprouted some of the most popular Vietnamese shops across town. They are going to be having a grand opening party tomorrow night, however its a closed invite. They will however be open for business forthwith. Seemingly no media on line, so apologies for the lack of original artwork. More on Yo! as it develops.

Yo! I’m Eatin’ Pho, Falckensteinstraße 42, Kreuzberg

Charlottenburg- Tommy’s Pancakes & Bistro


Tommy’s Pancakes & Bistro, new resto is due to open their doors coming up this weekend over in Charlottenburg. The deal with the new joint is that they specialize in Pancakes, Egg Specialities,, Pastries, Pies and Coffee. We are talking a family recipe pancakes for breakfast and to top it all off they are going to be offering New York Style Cheesecake. They are going to be having and official opening event this weekend and invite one and all to swing by and check out the new shop. Surprising Char-burg location for such and expat style concept that one is more likely to come across in Kreuzberg, or Mitte, but hopefully Tommy’s will manage to make a big enough splash that they will warrant and eastern location as well.

Tommy’s Pancakes & Bistro, Droysenstraße 19, Charlottenburg
@Tommy’s, Map

Charlottenburg- Osmans Töchter


Osmans Töchter, Turkish bistro officially opened up their second shop in Charlottenburg last month. The new joint, which is the second under the same name has its origins in Prenzlauer Berg, and opened their doors just off of Savigny Platz. They celebrated with an official event to mark the occasion and made it in just a week past their self imposed deadline. OT has won a loyal following with their modern Turkish stylings in Prenzlberg, and we can only expect them to continue on with the West Berlin contingent. They are now open to ressies.

Osmans Töchter, Wielandstr 38, Charlottenburg
@OsmansTöchter, Map

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