Noodle Popper Reveals Brick & Mortar Address, Opener Imminant

October 30, 2019|Openings

Kreuzberg- ChungKing Noodles

noodle popper

ChungKing Noodles, noodle shop is due for an imminent opener over on Kreuzberg’s Reichenberger Strasse. The new shop, which is the brick and mortar version of the exceedingly popular noodle popper by the same name, has been in gestation for the last few months. Up until very recently the exact location was kept under wraps, but they revealed their address as they have been hosting family and friends tastings over the last couple of weeks. Slowly dropping hints of the up and coming, ChungKing has yet to reveal the exact dates but sources allege it will be sooner than expected. More on ChungKing as it develops.

ChungKing Noodles, Reichenbergerstr. 35, Kreuzberg
@ChungKingNoodles, Map

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