French Thought Fine Diner Preps Opener In Schöneberg

October 30, 2019|Knocked Up

Schöneberg- Irma La Douce

irma la douce

Irma La Douce, new small fine diner is due for an opener over in Schöneberg. The deal with the new joint is that they offer “simple and honest French cuisine… It is not a “French restaurant”, but “a restaurant with a French thought”. Allors, French thought being revolutionary as it was through out history, lets hope the chefs don’t go on strike. Kidding aside the new joint, which comes from the same owners as the increasingly popular Neukölln restaurant, Eins 44, is due to open some time next month. There is no word exactly when the official opener will be, but there will undoubtedly be an event to mark the occasion.

Irma La Douce, Potsdamerstr. 102, Schöneberg
@IrmaLaDouce, Map

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