Dry Aged Duck Breast W/ Saffron Puree!! The Daily Dish Is In!!

October 29, 2019|Awards

Charlottenburg- Prism

The Daily Dish is in over at Charlottenburg‘s highly regarded fine diner Prism that opened their doors a little less than a year ago after uprooting from their original home, Glass. Normally the daily dish focuses on one particular item but Mr. Eatler has something special planned for today, as today’s dish cannot exist in a vacuum. Today’s dish is the whole Prism menu which includes items like the:

Fermented carrots slices, Roasted sesame, Maftool and unripe grapes salad‫,‬ verjus, argan oil


The Meagre Tartare in Brick, Dukkah, Yogurt and Yellow Dates Salsa


And the Dry Aged Duck Breast, Honey-Spice Crust, Saffron Puree, Coffee-Piment Jus, Dates, Cinnamon

duck breast

Just a few of the many intricate elements that make up this new menu that was described to Mr. Eatler. This bad boy is available on the Prism Social Sharing menu at 55 bucks. The daily dish is in Charlottenburg! Go eat that starting next month!

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