Franchise Coffee Shop Makes Berlin Entrance In Moabit

October 25, 2019|Knocked Up

Moabit- Tucano Coffee

Tucano Coffee, international coffee chain is due to make its Berlin entrance coming up next month in the shadow of the Haubtbahnhof on the Moabit side. The deal with the shop is that they offer a specialized coffee shop experience and they “are a part of an international coffee shop chain promoting Love. Peace. Coffee. philosophy all over the world.” Sincere as it sounds, it also has a corporate by-line feel. Nevertheless the new shop, which has an attractive looking interior and a positive message behind their cup, has been expanding through out Europe. This will be the first German venture for the Tucano franchise program and they are actively taking on franchises for the chain. Lets see if Tucano manages to stake a firm flag in Berlin, or whether this will be a one off for the chain.

Tucano Coffee, Rahel-Hirsch-Straße 10, Moabit
@TucanoCoffee, Map

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