Five Berlin Food Events You Need To Check Out This Week

October 14, 2019|Events

Five Berlin food events to check out this week in Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Neukölln. Here it goes!

five berlin food


Coming up on Monday night over in Charlottenburg’s newly minted fine diner Christopher’s we got a four course offering titled Continent Hopping. The deal is a menu from USA, Japan and England. Ressies recommended for about 90 bucks a head. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Tuesday over at Wilmersdorf we got an All You Can Eat Dumplings event over at the Japanese & Korean Festival from Japan Box. Among other elements we got chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables! Vegan options are also available! Japanese chicken yakitori, fried noodles and rice are also included. Fifteen bucks for an all you can eat and drink offer. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Thursday over at Friedrichshain’s Salami Social Club we got the One Euro Slice Event featuring Salami Social’s freshly made pizza offerings. One buck slices and draught beers. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Thursday over at Markthalle Neun’s Street Food Thursday we got Nama Dosa doing their regular MH9 stall offering savoury South Indian Dosas with varying styles and flavours. Check it out here. 


Coming up on Thursday over at Neukölln’s Keith Bar, we got The Walrus Kitchen doing a Steamed Buns Event. The deal is Steamed Buns with fried ramen crusted tofu, fermented chilli sauce, soja mayo and picked veggies, all served with a side of our homemade vegan kimchi! Check it out here. 

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