Designer Burger Shop Opens Doors In Neukölln

October 9, 2019|Openings

Neukölln- NKLN ZOO

NKLN ZOO, new designer burger joint opened up their shop a couple of weeks back in Neukölln. The deal with the new location is that they are a pretty straight forward burger restaurant that ventures into some fried chicken territory as well. The new shop is a take away type set up with no seating, so if you are on the run and interested in a pick up, NKLN ZOO is the new shop to check out. With burger trend on the waining side, and lately shifting into corporation territory a la: Five Guys/Burgermeister, this is one of the few private owned burger shops that opened up recently. Critical word on the NKLN ZOO is still out, but we will see how they will fare.

NKLN ZOO, Herrfurthstr. 7, Neukölln

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