Hotel Resto Opens Doors With Modernized Berlin Classics

October 4, 2019|Openings

Mitte- Restaurant ELLA

hotel resto

Restaurant ELLA, new in house Steigenberger Hotel resto opened their doors a couple days ago under the shadows of the Hauptbahnhoff. The deal with the new joint is that they are a straight forward Euro style high end hotel restaurant. The description is as follows: “Berlin classics are served, modernized and interpreted in a successful combination of high-quality, seasonal and regional products. Suitable European wines, primarily from Germany…” The art work on the site shows a plethora of various shrimp and polipo offerings, not too Berlin classic, but worthy of notice nonetheless. Higher end shop according to the pricing, but open for business. Critical word is out, and there is no word on when they will host and event, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Restaurant ELLA, Ella-Trebe-Straße 5, Mitte
@RestaurantELLA, Map


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