Trendy Cafe Announces Baton Toss On Kreuzberg Address

October 2, 2019|Closings

Kreuzberg- ORA

ORA, the five year old trendy cafe/resto over on Oranienplatz has announced that they are throwing in the towel. They put out a bulletin on their media stating that they are out of the game starting the end of this year. They also claimed that they are looking for someone to continue the endeavour and are selling the brand to the highest bidder. The claim is that they are looking to move on to different projects and different passions, and it is likely the case considering that ORA has had a successful run of it over the last five years. Whether or not someone will continue with the original project, or will create something new entirely remains to be seen. More on Ora as it develops.

ORA, Oranienplatz 14/Erkelenzdamm 1, Kreuzberg
@ORA, Map

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