Sushi Lounge Due For Opener In Wedding W/ Insta-Art Theft Claim

September 24, 2019|Openings

Wedding- Umi Sushi

sushi lounge

Umi, new Japanese style restaurant and sushi lounge is due for an opener over in Wedding. The new shop, which looks to be a large bar and lounge type of environment with highly invested design is going to be opening doors this weekend. They have been in gestation for the last few months and have already hosted a few friends and family events. The shop is at least partially adjacent to the Shiso Burger institute, even though it doesn’t seem as though they are officially connected. There has been a little drama on their social media feed as there is a California based neon artist who is making claims that the new shop is using elements of her art. Particularly the hashtag #BeNiceOrFuckingLeave. Seems a little thin. No official word on any sort of event, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Umi, Müllerstraße 55a, Wedding
@Umi.Berlin, Map

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