Popular Noodle Pop Up Goes Brick & Mortar, But Where?

September 19, 2019|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg?- ChungKing Noodles


ChungKing Noodles, noodle pop up that has had strong following in town for the last couple of years just announced that they are going brick and mortar. The Chinese pop up has crisscrossed the city over the last couple of years, going from one popular location to another and winning all the important fans across town with their spicy ChungKing Noodles. After numerous collabs with some of the cool kids in town, from Mr. Susan, to The Store and many in between, it seems like Chungking is endeavouring on a small new shop. Unclear exactly where, but judging by the artwork, they are a few months away from the finish line. Currently they are in heavy construction mode as they build out the location. Rumour Mr. Eatler heard was that the destination will be Kreuz, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. More as it develops.


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