Meisterköche Nominations: New Additions & Missing Names

September 19, 2019|Gossip

Berlin Meisterköche


Its that time of year again, nominations are out for this year’s edition of Berliner Meisterköche. Some of the standard repeats are there again, however with some notable names are not on the list. We do however have some new boys and girls in the club.

For the social contingent we got the three year old Michelin joint Eins Unter Null, as well as the newly opened cafe, Frea. For the fine dining range we got a the repeat nomination of Gal Ben Moshe, who declined the nomination last year before he re-opened and re-branded his new restaurant Prism. Fun addition that gives hope to the Meisterköche brand is the inclusion of the greatest Schawarma in the hemisphere, Al Dimashqi.

Notably excluded are some of the classic socially conscious restaurants we have come to occupy the Meisterköche awards as of late, like Nobelhart & Schmutzig, or Horvath. Another name excluded this year is Tim Raue, though his new shop in Potsdam, Villa Kellermann, will without a doubt be on the list next year (if it qualifies as Berlin at all.)

For better or worse, the Meisterköche list is as good as could be expected. You can inspect the full list here. More on the competition as the votes role in.

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