Homemade Bacon Jam Croissant!! The Daily Dish Is In!

September 18, 2019|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Cookies & Co.

bacon jam

The Daily Dish is in over at Cookies & Co. up in Prenzlauer Berg. The two year old pastry shop and cafe has won a loyal following with their home made baked goods. Recently they have been getting up to a classic Russian brunch during the weekend, but for today’s dish we got something pretty special. For today’s Daily Dish we got a Pain au Bacon. We are talking a homemade  croissant pastry stuffed and baked with Bacon Jam supplied by the Sausage Man Never Sleeps. This bad boy is up for grabs at four bucks a pop and when you tell them Mr. Eatler Sent You you get a free cookie until the 27th. The Daily Dish is in Prenzlauer Berg!! Go Eat That Now!

Cookies & Co., Senefelderstr. 4, Prenzlauer Berg
@Cookies&Co, Map

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