One Year Old Mitte Cocktail Bar Bids Farewell

September 17, 2019|Closings

Mitte- BARRY Disko Bar

cocktail bar

Barry Disko Bar, Mitte cocktail bar which opened about a year ago has decided to bid farewell to Berlin. Coming up this weekend Barry will celebrate the closing with an official party to mark the occasion. The small shop location on Rosa Luxembourgstr. was the second Mitte shop from the same owners who also headed up the popular cocktail bar, Larry Bar. No exact reasoning for the closure is clear, but after one year in the game it is possible that it was not meant to be. The beautifully designed shop was meant to invoke the glam of the Studio 54 era. Sad to see it go, but you can check Barry out before it leaves forever.

Barry Disko Bar, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 20, Mitte
@BarryDiskoBar, Map

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