Card Only Trend Grows As Popular Cafe Claims Cash Is Dead

September 11, 2019|Gossip

The Barn Coffee Roasters

card only

The Barn Coffee Roasters put out a shingle intimating that cash is dead. From now on the chain of eight Berlin coffee shops will no longer deal with your dirty dirty money and will only accept card payments. This is a seemingly growing trend as the new Stadtsalat shop that opened up last month in Mitte is also card payment only. The addition of a card payment culture in Berlin is late to the show, as a lot of things are in Berlin. However the problem in this dynamic is that its all about the comfort of the shop, rather than the comfort of the client. What’s the problem with accepting cash if someone wants to pay with cash, or accepting cards if someone wants to pay with a card? Its not as if cash has been the unit of measurement we have built the modern world on for the last five thousand years. The problem is laziness.


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