Official Dates Are In For Char-burg Poke + Free Poke For A Year

September 10, 2019|Openings

Charlottenburg- Ma’loa

poke bowl

Ma’loa, the Mitte based Poké shop that is working on a new shop over on Charlottenburg’s Kantstrasse dropped the info on the official opening of the new shop. The official opening of the shop will be on Friday after a rather long gestation process. In honour of the first store out west Ma’loa is going to be holding a competition in which they offer a free Poke Bowls for a year for the winner and a friend. You do this by tagging your friend on their promo and then answering their private message. You can enter here. Unclear if they are going to be having any sort of opening party on the books, but it wouldn’t be unlikely.

Ma’loa, Kant Str. 48, Charlottenburg, Berlin 10625
@MaloaPokeBowls, Map

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