Long Time Italian Veteran In Mitte Seen Under Wraps

September 9, 2019|Closings

Mitte- Ristorante Al Dente


Ristorante Al Dente, the Mitte veteran that has been a standard Italian shop over on Auguststr. seems to have thrown in the towel. Though nothing is confirmed, it seems as though the restaurant is no more, as the facade was shown on the TIP Line to have been stripped and the guts under wraps. Ofcourse it could be entirely possible that they are doing an overhaul renovation, but considering the signage is also unseen, it is more likely to be the end. Unclear what is coming up next on the prime location, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Ristorante Al Dente, Auguststr. 91, Mitte
@RistoranteAlDente, Map

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