Popular Poke Shop Preps Long Awaited Opener In Gastro Hood

September 6, 2019|Openings

Charlottenburg- Ma’loa

poke shop

Ma’loa, the Mitte based Poké shop has been quickly expanding their bases of operation and were spotted on the TIP Line working on a new shop earlier this spring. After opening numerous shops across town their growth rate seems to have eased up as the development of the new shop has taken longer than Mr. Eatler expected. The new shop is due to open up in a couple of weeks over at the Kantstr. gastro strip. While the address is still under wraps, they word is that we are looking at an opener with in the month. Unknown what the exact reason of the delays were, whether it was construction, bureaucracy, or just proper timing. More on the Charlottenburg Ma’loa as it develops.

Ma’loa, Kant Str. 48, Charlottenburg, Berlin 10625
@MaloaPokeBowls, Map

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