Pakistani Home Cooker Progressing On New Kreuzberg Shop

September 6, 2019|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg- Mama Shabz Cafe

mama shabz

Quick update on Mama Shabz, the long time Pakistani street fooder that has been working on a new brick and mortar shop down in Kreuzberg. The new shop which has been under construction for the last couple of months is progressing and was spotted on the TIP Line with the new signage on the front. Currently they new restaurant is searching for the proper tag line and is toggling between Pakistani Kitchen or Pakistani Home Cooking. Though they have the origin in street food, the new shop will be a bit more home and a bit less street but the powers that be promise that Pakoras are still going to be in the mix. We are expecting an autumn time opener, but there is no word on exactly when. More on Mama Shabz as it emerges.

Mama Shabz Cafe, Reichenbergerstrasse 61a, Kreuzberg

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