Raue’s Kellerman Resto Moves Into The Final Stretches

September 5, 2019|Knocked Up

Potsdam- Villa Kellerman, Tim Raue

Villa Kellermann, the new Potsdam restaurant knocked up from Tim Raue is in the final stretch before making a debut to the world. Recently the new shop released some sneak peek art work of the new shop that is due to open sometime later this month. The kitchen team has long been in place and the major construction is over. Currently they are working with cosmetics to bring the new high end German joint together. Not a Berlin shop necessarily, but enough of the Berlin big wigs will lilkley make the trek out for the line in the CV. Undoubtedly the teutonic criticism will be positive, all but a few of the bloggers won’t get out there, but those that do may very well have already made up their minds. More on Kellerman as it develops.

Villa Kellerman, Mangerstraße 34, Potsdam
@VillaKellerman, Map

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