Beer Battered Fish Tacos! The Daily Dish Is In!!

September 2, 2019|Awards

Kreuzberg-Santa Cantina

The Daily Dish is in at Santa Cantina, the Mexican food slinger situated over on the Simon Dachstr. gastro strip. This shop has been upping the game with their down to earth menu and fun  atmosphere for the last couple of years, and really owning their genre in town. For today’s Daily Dish we got these killer looking Fish Tacos! Crunchy Beer Battered Fish with Sesame Avocado Aioli. That extra kick is coming in from that pico de gallo and smoked pepper salsa. Everything wrapped in a homemade corn taco. 8 bucks a pop for these bad boys. Tell them Mr. Eatler sent you and you get a free shot of tequila to make it all better. Daily Dish Deal is good for the month of September! The Daily Dish Is In Friedrichshain! Go Eat That Now!!

Santa Cantina, Simon Dach Strasse 22, Friedrichshain
@SantaCantina, Map

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