Monthly Restaurant Jobs Report: F-hain, Mitte, Neukölln, & More

August 29, 2019|Jobs

Restaurant Jobs at Roamers, Michelberger, The Catch and more!!

restaurant jobs

Charlottenburg- New Izakaya by the name of Catch is on the hunt for some Service and Bar staff. The joint opened up this past spring and is looking to fill out the staff with some able bodied peeps. Standard rates, warm team, plus weekly German lessons for any takers. Check it out here. 

Mitte- Potsdamer coffee shop, We Love Coffee is on the hunt for some baristas. Interested in novices as well in pros, but also in bloody beginners. Your personality counts. Check it out here. 

Friedrichshain- Michelberger Hotel Bar is on the hunt for some able bodied bar service peeps. Looking for someone with a strong background in hospitality and service, with a minimum of two years experience working in restaurants. German required to some degree. Check it out here. 

Neukölln- Roamers, avant guard cafe is on the hunt for some kitchen help. Cooks and kitchen hands with experience and ability to work in a busy environment. Hiring full-time with about 40h/week with health insurance etc. Check it out here. 

Mitte- Klub Kitchen, newly located Mitte veteran cafe is on the hunt for part-time or full-time reliable staff in service with gastro experience. Good knowledge of German required. Check it out here. 

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