Pie Shop Bids Farewell Invites All For Closer Event In Kreuzberg

August 28, 2019|Closings

Kreuzberg- HelloGoodPie

pie shop

HelloGoodPie, the pie shop known for their sweet and savoury pies in Kreuzberg put a lot of frowns on a lot of faces a few weeks back when they announced their intention to close up shop. After six years in the game they have decided to move onto newer pastures, though its unclear if those pastures include any gastronomy. In order to celebrate the occasion they are going to be holding a farewell event. Coming up this weekend they will be handing out some free pies for early guests and discounted pies throughout the day as well as cheap Beers. They are also on the hunt for a tenant to take over the location, if you are so inclined.

HelloGoodPie, Falckensteinstr 9, Kreuzberg

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