Mysterious Fish Klub Reveals Time Line & Neighbourhood

August 27, 2019|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg/Mitte- Fish Klub

fish klub

Fish Klub, new seafood restaurant that has been quietly developing over the last couple of months just dropped some new information. Up until this point we knew that Berlin seafood importer Oyster Klub had been working on the new project, but didn’t know when or where. While the location is still somewhat unknown, it is looking that the base of operations for the new shop will be in Kreuzberg. As for when, we are looking at an opening slotted for the end of September. Mum is still the word on the new shop as the owner are playing their cards close to the vest, but the importer is changing the moniker from Oyster Klub to Berlin Fish Klub and settling in for the long haul. In any case, Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of developments.

@Fish Klub

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