Hummus Guys Due For Imminent Wilmersdorf Opener

August 23, 2019|Openings

Wilmersdorf- The Hummus Guys

hummus guys

The Hummus Guys, new hummus shop over in Wilmersdorf is due for an imminent opener. They hit some snags along the way and were supposed to be opening their doors a couple of days back. However it seems they are counted days away from sharing their hummus love with the west Berlin contingent. A decidedly German hummus, the new shop is doing “to-go” offerings utelizing different flavours for their product, something relatively unheard of in the traditional hummus circles. Time will tell whether the teutonic west Berlin pallet will fall hard for these chickpea slingers. Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of any opening events and official dates.

The Hummus Guys, Hohenstaufenstraße 39, Wilmersdorf
@TheHummusGuys, Map

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