Japanese Address Celebrates Long Awaited Opener?

August 21, 2019|Openings

Mitte- Jabe


Jabe, new Mitte based Izakaya that has lived its life as Udon & Gyoza for the last year has at long last celebrated their official opening party, soft opening though it may be. The long awaited coming of JABE, a new Japanese concept has been threatening its oncoming arrival for a while and as for soft openings, it takes the softy cake for the longest awaited arrival. The company comes from the same gastronomy family that runs Royals & Rice and Sons Of Mana among others. Though the original shop started as a pop up that turned into a brick and mortar, that then turned into a more fully fleshed out Japanese restaurant, it still holds on to its “Udon & Gyoza” roots. One thing is for sure, Udon & Gyoza/JABE mach to the beat of their own drummer, which could very well be an interesting song.

Jabe, Alte Schönhauser Str. 7-8Mitte, Berlin 
@Jabe, Map

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