Five Berlin Food Events You Need To Check Out This Week

August 19, 2019|Events

Five Berlin food events in Friedrichshain, Wedding, Mitte!! Here it goes!!

berlin food events

Friedrichshain- Coming up tonight over at Friedrichshain’s Santa Cantina, we have the Manic Monday event brought to you from Piri’s Chicken Sandwich pop up. We got some low price Chicken Burgers of varying genres as well as some modestly priced adult libations. Check it out here. 

Mitte- Coming up tomorrow over at Mitte’s newly opened Israeli joint, Joseph, situated at the new Amo Hotel, we got a Dinner With Yossi event. The dinner will feature a special menu created by the restaurant’s creative inspiration. Check it out here. 

Kreuzberg- Coming up on Wednesday over at Kreuzberg’s Key sandwich shop cafe we got a BentoBox event going down. We got three sorts of bento on the offer, Meat, Veggie, and Fish. Check it out here. 

Friedrichshain- Coming up on Thursday over in Friedrichshain we got the classic One Euro Slice Night event going down over at Salami Social Club. One buck slices from six in the evening on as well as some nice draughts. Check it out here. 

Wedding- Coming up on Friday over at Lino’s BBQ in Wedding we got a Tex Mex BBQ Taco Fiesta. USDA Prime Brisket, USDA Prime Beef Ribs, Pork Loin Ribs *Swabian-Hall Pig*, Smoked Beef Tongue, Beef Heart Chorizo *Homemade*, Homemade Tortillas. Check it out here 

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