Jerusalem Parsley Hummus! The Daily Dish Is In!!

August 14, 2019|Awards

Kreuzberg- Witz

The Daily Dish is in over at Kreuzberg’s most authentic hummus shop around, Witz. The small one person store front has been around for about a year and a half and is a legit one man show. With a slender menu, Witz specializes in one unique item. For today’s Daily Dish we got HUMMUS. Not just any hummus, but Witz’s unique take on the classic dish, inspired by the owners own Jerusalemite life. This particular dish, normally in the creamy beige hue, comes green due to the heavy handed use of parsley and coriander. More than the hummus, if you catch the owner at the right time, you may just find yourself enthralled in deep discourse. Six bucks a pop for this bad boy. Conversation for free. The Daily Dish is in Kreuzberg! Go Eat That Now!!

Witz, Blücherstr. 37, Kreuzberg
@Wtiz, Map 

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