Designer Hummus Shop Hints At Opener In Wilmersdorf

August 14, 2019|Knocked Up, Openings

Wilmersdorf- The Hummus Guys

hummus guys

The Hummus Guys, new hummus shop that has been in gestation for the last few months in Wilmersdorf is moving forward with the opening of their new shop. Though the owners have been relatively quiet on their media, they have just hinted at their official opener dates. It seems we will have a new hummus destination coming up next week. The shop itself is due to offer some designer hummus, in a variety of flavours and styles, something that the purist generally frown upon. However when it comes to hummus, Mr. Eatler believes the more the merrier. No word on any official opening event but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

The Hummus Guys, Hohenstaufenstraße 39, Wilmersdorf
@TheHummusGuys, Map

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