Hedonist Haven Throws In The Towel In Mitte, Demolition Begins

August 14, 2019|Closings

Mitte- Sodom & Gomorra


Sodom & Gomorra, the Berlin hedonist bar and lounge over on Torstr. is no more. The joint was spotted on the TIP Line last week and was confirmed to have shut down at the end of July. Currently the location is under construction and it is unclear what will come next. The shop is directly next door to Royals and Rice, the veteran Vietnamese restaurant. Whether or not we can expect another bar, or a restaurant, is unconfirmed, but the address is currently under wraps with active demolition inside. As for the reason behind the closing, it is not completely clear, but what is certain is that front men of the shop have moved to the states and are un interested in the Berlin Mitte scene any longer. More on the location as it develops.

Sodom & Gomorra, Torstrasse 164, Mitte
@Sodom&Gomorra, Map

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