Hotel Bar And Restaurant Knocked Up In Moabit

August 12, 2019|Knocked Up

Moabit- MOA.Eat, MOA.Bar


MOA restaurant and bar is knocked up over in Moabit. The deal with the new joint is a little unclear, but it looks as if it is the new in house bar and restaurant for the new Mercure hotel in Moabit. The deal with the location was that it was originally planned as a hostel type of joint, but it looks as if they are going on the more high end route. As for MOA Eat, and MOA Bar, it seems as if they will continue in the hotels mid-high range vein. Currently they are on schedule to open up next month, but there is no word as of yet regarding the cuisine or offering. More on MOA as it develops.

MOA.Eat/MOA.Bar, Stephanstraße 41, Moabit
@MOA.Eat, Map

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