Bacon Truffle & Cheddar Gouda Burger!!! The Daily Dish Is In!!

August 9, 2019|Awards

Friedrichshain- Gorilla Barbecue, Bite Club


The Daily Dish is in over at Friedrichshain’s Bite Club which is hosting the long time Berlin food trucker Gorilla Barbecue. Gorilla is doing a nostalgic offering today, and bringing back a classic item from their sibling restaurant Big Sur that shut down a few months back. In honour of the Big Sur legend The Daily Dish is the classic Big Sur House Burger. The California style burger comes complete with Beef, Bacon, Rocket, slow cooked onions, cheddar and Gouda, truffle Mayo, House pickles and is up for grabs at about eight bucks a pop. Tell them “Mr. Eatler Sent Me!!” Get two bucks off today only! The Daily Dish is in Friedrichshain!! Go Eat That Tonight!!

Gorilla Barbecue/Arena, Eichenstraße 4, Friedrichshain
@GorillaBarbecue, Map

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