Marathon Renovation Leads To Cocolo Reopening, But Where?

August 7, 2019|Openings

Kreuzberg- Cocolo Ramen

Cocolo Ramen, the Kreuzberg ramen shop just reopened in their new location after a marathon month long renovation but where? In Kreuzberg of course!! Where else. They had somewhat of a tumultuous departure from their former address over on Paul Linke Ufer, but settled in accross the river on the stellar Graefe straße gastro strip. The joint was due to open earlier, but needed just a couple of days extra to tighten up the loose ends of the construction. With only a few days between the closing of one shop and the opening of the next one, Cocolo takes the award for quickest overall renovation turn around. No word on any sort of event but the word is that the new location, which is a little bit smaller than the original location, will focus more on deepening the menu. More on the developments as they become clear.

Cocolo Ramen, Graeftstr. 11, Kreuzberg
@CocoloRamen, Map

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